CFP: Philosophical Methodology
Essays in Philosophy issue on Philosophical Methodology

Journal: Essays in Philosophy
Topic: Philosophical Methodology
Volume 13, Number 1
Issue date: January 2012
Submission deadline: October 1, 2011
Editor: James McBain (Pittsburg State University)

While philosophers employ the philosophical method, rarely do they
articulate exactly what that method is. What is it that philosophers
are doing when they do philosophy? How is it that philosophers are to
proceed in addressing and answering philosophical questions?  Essays
in Philosophy invites submissions engaged with such questions on
philosophical method.

Topics for submissions may address issues such as (but are not limited to):

 *   Are there methods particular (only) to philosophy?
 *   Conceptual Analysis
 *   Explication (Theoretical or Pragmatic)
 *   Reflective Equilibrium as a Methodology for Philosophy
 *   The Role of the A Priori and/or A Posteriori in the
Philosophical Method
 *   The Role of Intuitions in the Philosophical Method
 *   The Impact of Experimental Philosophy on Philosophical
 *   Is there one single Philosophical Method or are there many? What
would be the ramifications if there were more than one philosophical
method for attempting to solve philosophical problems?
 *   Philosophical Methodology in the History of Philosophy
 *   Do we need to justify the method(s) in philosophy?
 *   What is the relationship between the methodology in philosophy
and philosophical conclusions (or results)?
 *   Or any such related question.

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